Vision is to be the prepared the choice of bread products, promoting nutrition, health and wealth being of Cagayan Valley region.

I believe that many people are hungry and many people do not afford to buy food. Because of food, we have to produce as much bread as the masses can buy for the hungry of the world.

I believe that although I can produce only bread, many people are still happy and satisfied. This is not just bread, it is bread that contains nutritious and delicious food.

When we say bread, I just not meant for good food, nutritious food, comfort food, satisfying food, and food for celebration. With the right to eat, food we mean not just immediate access to food on the table, but the resources of our body and time to choose, grow, store, preserve, prepare and share food.

My vision for short term is to gain capital return and build more branches within Luzon. Another goal is to keep our business afloat and make sure we never slip up and fail

And for my vision for long-term planning is to become a well know bakery not just here in the Philippines but also internationally.

My Mission is to bake and deliver fresh and tasty products made with the best ingredients which are scrupulously selected with no additives, no artificial flavor and no preservatives that is use.


In coming more years we see our business in one of the top charts with #1 bakeries. Our business will be in a number of  many other things. We will be extremely successful as well