Myra’s Bakeshop Special Ensaymada

These could easily be the best special  ensaymada you could ever taste, The Myra’s Bakeshop Special Ensaymada because with this ube filling and  with cheese on top and  with yema filling with cheese on top.

Special Ensaymada


Everyone’s favorite  bun is made extra delicious thanks to cheese mixed into the batter.  Myra’s Bakeshop Special Ensaymada recipe is the perfect merienda to be shared with family and friends.


Ensaymada in certainty are particularly equivalent to their European partner, ensaimada, which are a baked good claim to fame of the Balearic Islands, most strikingly Mallorca (Majorca). In spite of the fact that it is a Spanish claim to fame, the beginning of the ensaimada can hypothetically be followed to the Arabic control of the Ibizan Peninsula from 740 to 1235 AD and the investigations of the Arab world by the Spanish and Portuguese.

The original sweet bread is one large snail-like coil dusted in sugar, but today individual sized cakes are more popular throughout the country.

Ensaymada is a type of Filipino soft, sweet dough pastry covered with butter and sugar then topped with lots of grated cheese.

It was adapted from the Spanish Ensaïmada but has evolved throughout the years to become what it is now that is loved by many Filipinos.

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