Baking with love

Love is baking. Years passed, still doing what I love, and I call it baking. I just do what I really like and what I really love.

Before I started my dream, I entered different kind of school and learn the different types of baking. At first, I took up culinary but I just found out what I really want to do in my future and the dreams in my life, baking. The major which I really push through. I baked kinds of bread such as ensaymadapianonocrinklesbuko roll, spanish bread, cheese roll, donut, donut roll, spanish bread, ham and cheese roll, macaroons, and a lot more. But my really specialty is egg pie which is the people’s favorite in the place where I sell. I took up baking class in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority  (TESDA) where I enhance my skills in baking and other techniques how to make it delicious and presentable.

Blogging is life but baking is lifer

We all know the know that baking takes a lot of time and life than blogging. So let’s do this and finish this.

Love is Baking
Love is Baking

I love sharing the things that I like, example for this…

I like the smell of flour, sugar, butter, and egg. The basic ingredients of making bread.

When you’re going to bake bread, you must have the heart of making, not just bake, but bake with all your heart and soul. Because the outcome of the bread you make is the outcome of what person you are.

I remember what Melissa Hill , Something From Tiffany’s said that can inspire me, Bread – like real love – took time, cultivation, strong loving hands and patience. It lived, rising and growing to fruition only under the most perfect circumstances.


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