Life of Bread

Life of a bread maker and life of bread. For the Filipinos who love to eat bread and part of their daily lives.

We all know that Filipinos love bread specially when it is snack time or shall we say anytime? Like for kids who eats anytime because of their every minute hunger.

For the teenager and adults who snacks in canteen, sari-sari store, or visit their friends or relatives and the parents nor the person will just offer bread with matching soft drinks o juice.

We Filipinos love to dip our bread in coffee, milk, some are juice or any drinks we like to.

Sometimes we just put any bread-spread like margarine and sugar, mayonnaise and cheese, liver spread, and other bread-spread what filipinos think to eat.

As for me, why I love bread is because I love how it taste, and the texture and sizes of different bread.

So I push through my dream of becoming a patissier. I like to be part of other bakers who makes bread and sell it to people who loves to eat bread as part of daily living.

I would like to give them freshly baked bread fresh from the oven so they can enjoy their eating, to satisfy their hunger, to make them relief from their stress, and also to make them relax as possible as could be and make them realize how good bread is.

Let us make the world realize what can bread make and and how delicious it is.

Let us also not forget how powerful bread is, and part of the bible.

From the Bible, John 6:35 (King James Version)

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life. He that come to me shall never hunger; and he that believe on me shall never thirst.”



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