Healthy Garlic

Healthy is what I can say to my product garlic chips because garlic is my main ingredient.

Healthy, It’s all because of its components.

We know that garlic is a big help in our lives.

This includes our cooking of delicious foods such as dishes.

It can also be mixed with appetizers to get the best benefits garlic has

It is also deliciously cooked in garlic fried rice for a tasty and more delicious look.

Here in the Philippines, one of the ingredients that should not be missed in cooking is garlic.

Because garlic is one of the healthy, delicious and spicy cooked dishes that are served to family, relatives, and friends.

I added garlic chips to my products because, some Filipinos love to eat fried garlic.

Some example is to the vendor who sell roasted peanuts in the bus, in the street, or anywhere else.

People intend to buy roasted peanuts and asking to add more fried garlic because of its perfect combination.

So here is how to make Healthy Garlic Chips.

Garlic chips are exactly what you expect them to be.

So it must be thinly sliced healthy garlic that is cooked in oil until crispy, crunchy, and golden brown in color.

In other words, fried garlic slices. The garlic slices should be very thin and same, so that they all cook evenly in the oil.

We’re frying in a small skillet and the entire process takes less than ten minutes start to finish.

1/4 cup crispy garlic chips and a small, but practical amount of homemade garlic oil that can be used for low-heat cooking, salad dressings, drizzling and dipping, and everything in between.

So let us give importance of our garlic and let us not forget what garlic can do to us.

Healthy Garlic