Custard Cake the Filipino version

Custard Cake Big

Custard Cake the Filipino version is a really popular  merienda or snack it is sold almost on all  bakeshop. Custard Cake Filipino version resembles a chiffon cake with a topping of sweetened milk and egg mixture known as custard. At first glance, this could be mistaken as a giant Leche Flan because the topping resembles one.

custard cake

Custard originated from the English food which was existent since the fourteenth century. The main plans contained almonds, thick milk, water, salt and sugar until it was noted  that a ‘legitimate’ custard is made without almonds. During those occasions custard is alluded to an assortment of appetizing dishes thickens by the above fixings. Be that as it may, in France its an alternate story as the word custard or creme moulee is thickens by utilizing eggs and when flour or corn starch is included it is called creme patisserie, at that point on the off chance that you include gelatin it will presently be called crere anglaise school.

Not all custards are sweet in actuality  it began as a thicker for dishes, meat dishes that is. Be that as it may, even now there are custards that ain’t sweet, for example, quiche. Yet, for this one we will adhere to the sweet side as that is the thing that my other half had arranged.

If you’re a fan of flan this is a must-try.

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