Branch here in ramon, isabela is my top priority.


Here is one of my successful branch that I will be proud of.

May they say that my breads is delicious as other world-class bakes.

My breads is shareable with friends and relatives.

This branch addressed at #1 Laurel Street, Purok 2, Poblacion, Ramon, Isabela, 3318, Philippines where you can find in public market near municipal hall which is the easiest landmark we can see. 

This store is where also my 2nd home, you can see me here everyday. Where I bake my fresh breads and my specialty, egg pie. Every Sunday, before going to my main store, I went to Church to give thanks because of how many years in this industry, I’m still running my dream baking and my holding store which is very successful.

I thank my husband for supporting what I really like and to reach my goal in life. My lovingly husband is the one who push through when I doubt my choices.

He is the one who motivates me everyday to push through the limits I can do with my everyday living. He choose to stay positive so that It won’t let it down every thing we had.

Also, with the help of my husband, we push through our second branch which is located at Rizal, Santiago City near Charinas Hotel, because we both know that we had a successful bread store in Ramon and we want to spread out in santiago city how delicious our bread is.

So in case you want to find out more about us, you can visit our facebook page

Or you can contact us with this Myra’s Bakeshop Hotline